Blog The 1st

So here it is. My first blog. I’ve actually been putting this off for quite some time now but I feel it’s time to bite the bullet and get on with it.
I’m not one to rant or get particularly angry over world events, politics etc., but I do like to write, although I haven’t written in many, many years. This particular blog is only about how I feel on the subject of writing. I can actually feel the ring-rustiness setting in but I’m determined to get past it. Self-confidence has never been a strong point of mine. On the other hand, this has never been a real problem either, it’s just one of those things (I can feel the therapeutic side of this already). Hopefully, the more I write, the less alien it will seem and things should improve accordingly and may even become readable to others.
I would like to use this platform to thank people like @zanyzigzag, @sharongooner and @gdorean whose blogs have really inspired me and I’m sure will continue to do so. In thanking these people I am also, in a roundabout way thanking Twitter. Without Twitter I would not have even contemplated writing again.
If you are reading this you obviously have a very high pain threshold and for this I am most grateful.
I’ll finish by saying that things can only improve from here on in so do stick around. Hopefully it’ll be worth your while.

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